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Why Zankou is so Popular in Los Angeles

There are few fast food or fast casual restaurants that catch on in Los Angeles quite like Zankou has. Zankou Chicken and In-N-Out Burger are like treasured properties. Some native Angelenos will tell you that the two restaurants are reason enough to visit LA.

It would be too simplistic to say that the food is incredible, which it is. It’s a bit deeper than that. LA’s love for Zankou transcends how we all think about the food we eat.

Zankou Chicken is Healthy

Angelenos love healthy food. People from LA go on crazed diet feeds nearly every week, so it’s nice to have a “cheat meal” every once in a while. Even better when your cheat meal isn’t totally cheating. Zankou’s healthy sides are even vegan friendly in some cases, which is great when your diverse friends can’t decide where they want to eat that is vegan healthy and has meat options.

Garlic is a California Staple

If you’ve ever heard of Zankou’s legendary garlic sauce, you might also know that every clove comes from Gilroy, California. Gilroy is home to an annual garlic festival, and it’s widely considered to be one of America’s best sources for garlic in the Western half of the continent.

 No Freezers, Fresh Food

Restaurants like to tout the “no freezer” tag line, but Zankou really means it. There are no freezers at any of their locations, and all of their food is free of hormones and genetically modifying chemicals. The chicken is also flavored with spices local to California.

Article submitted by Remodeling A Kitchen.

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