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5 Tips for Creating Memorable Business Cards

Article provided by Guru Printers

Business cards are popular for building connections among professionals. Since business cards appear to be ubiquitous in the business world, very few of them are memorable enough to last in the minds of potential customers and partners. With that in mind, there are several things you can do to make your business cards stand out from the crowd. Here are five tips for creating memorable business cards.

Use premium materials

Business cards are traditionally printed on cardstock, but that doesn’t mean yours have to be. For a more tactile, elegant surface, choose options such as silk laminated, velvet laminated, or myriad foil business cards.

Use an eye-catching logo

Whether your business cards are for your company or your personal brand, having a unique, memorable logo is essential for good branding. Choose a typeface and symbols that tell the entire story of what your brand does and who your audience is.

Add extra functionality to your cards

Some companies have turned their business cards into seed dispensers for people’s gardens. Other companies have made their business cards sundials, paper planes, and tea bag dispensers. If your business cards are more than just cards, we can guarantee that they’ll be memorable in people’s minds.

Make good use of blank space

Not every inch of your card has to be packed with information. In fact, the blank space within your card can actually help you say more by using less text. Adding enough space in your card’s copy draws your audience’s attention to what is most important, so be sure you only include the most important details such as your phone number and contact information on your card.

Find the right graphics for your audience

If you’re marketing yourself to creatives, vibrant, stunning visual designs on your cards might help you make more of an impression. However, if you’re marketing yourself to professionals and business types, elegant, minimalistic designs might appeal to your audience more. Choose your card’s design wisely based on who you’re trying to reach.

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